Court hears innocent Agnes was victim of gang feud

Agnes Sina-Inakoju-  jury watched CCTV footage of the moment she was shot in her neck

Sixteen year old Agnes Sina Inakoju died because of a feud between two Hackney gangs, the Old Bailey heard earlier this week. The promising Haggerston School pupil was shot down on April 14 2010 while waiting with friends to be served at a fast food restaurant in Hoxton.

The court heard that two youths rode up to the Hoxton Chicken and Pizza at 7:15 pm 14 April last year and without stopping, aimed a 9mm sub-machine gun at the shop where Agnes was standing by the window and fired a single shot. It struck her in her neck and she died two days later.  CCTV footage was shown to the jury of the moment she was fatally shot.

Prosecutor Simon Denison QC told the court “It was as callous and cold-blooded as it could be, carried out in broad daylight in a busy street in Hoxton”

The two alleged gunmen, Leon Dunkley, 22, and Mohammed Smoured, 21, from Hackney, were ‘members’ of the London Fields Boys, whom the prosecution alleged had an ongoing gang feud with The Hoxton Boys.

Dunkley is accused of being the trigger man and Smoured the lookout. Two teenagers, a 16 and 17 year old both deny fire arms charges and assisting an offender.

The court also heard that police discovered the murder weapon along with another gun and bullets a week after the shooting, when a police officer gave chase to a 16 year old. The teen was seen discarding a rucksack in a garden during the chase.

They later searched a 15 year olds home, said to where the gang kept their weapons and discovered a cache of weapons which included a loaded Mac 10 sub-machine, a.38 revolver and a shot gun.

Simon Denison QC, said: “The scene inside the shop was one of shock, horror and chaos. This case is about murder, guns and gangs. Agnes went to a local school where she was popular and successful. Her future was taken from her in an instant just before 7.15 in the evening of Wednesday April, 14 last year.”

The trial is expected to last six weeks.

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