Shots fired in Stoke Newington – Man found with head wound

Police found a man with head injuries on the corner of Aden Grove and Springdale Rd in Newington Green, after they were called at approximately 10.30 pm last night, Sunday 6 February. He was taken to a London hospital.

While a police spokeperson could only give very limited information, Hackney Hive was able to glean from several Twitter followers including @northsixteen and @Zerofee that gunshots were first heard at about 10:15 pm, with @Zerofee, claiming “I heard 4 shots/bangs, quick succession in Stoke Newington. Didn’t seem like fireworks. Lots of sirens since”.

Witnesses also said they saw a man being viciously “beaten in the middle of the road”, by a group. At the moment it is unclear if the head injury is a result of a shooting. They also claimed seeing a group of men running through Clissold Crescent.

Only last week Aden Grove was in the news following a gas explosion

Green Lanes was closed in both directions until this morning at 5:30 am, while police continued their investigation. No arrests have been made.

UPDATE :  Police say the victim is in serious but stable condition.

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