Search for person who botched Claudia Aderotimi’s buttock enhancement continues

Aspiring dancer & actress Claudia Aderotimi. Click photo to enlarge.

“Illegal procedures like this are often carried out all across the United States. While it is popular with people looking for cheap ‘cosmetic surgery’, it is particularly popular amongst many in the Transsexual community”.

All Hackney resident Claudia Aderotimi wanted to be, was a fly girl, another fame hungry wannabe hip hop video dancer. Now she’s headline news after her death in a hotel room near Philadelphia International Airport.

Claudia – died wanting perfection. Click to enlarge.

On Tuesday, the 20 year old Thames Valley University student of Geffrye Court, Hoxton, died following a back-yard buttock enhancement procedure carried out in her Hampton Inn Hotel room.  She and a friend had travelled from London to Philadelphia last November, when they first had the butt enhancement. Their second trip along was for Claudia to have a “top up” with silicone injections to her buttocks and her friend to her hips.

On Monday 7 February, two women showed up to carry out the enhancements , one of them administered the injections.  Aderotimi received her enhancement injections around noon Monday, and started complaining of chest pains 12 hours later, police said.

Paramedics were called, and Aderotimi was rushed to Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital in Delaware County where she later died around 1:30 a.m., according to court documents.

On Tuesday her sister Vivian, described the families devastation on learning of her death. She told the Evening Standard outside the families North London home,  “We’re still in shock. We need to think about what we have to do.”

A preliminary medical examination suggested that Claudia Aderotimi died from silicone entering her vascular system and ultimately stopping her heart, according to the Delaware County medical examiner.

Illegal procedures like this are often carried out all across the states and while it is popular with people looking for cheap ‘cosmetic surgery’, and is particularly popular amongst many post-op transsexuals, usually male to female changes, who want enhanced buttocks, breasts and hips.

Padge Victoria Windslowe AKA Black Madam is thought to have injected Claudia Aderotimi. Police would like to speak with her.

A search warrant was executed on Thursday at the home of Padge Victoria Windslowe. It showed that amongst other items, police are interested in finding are krazy glue and silicone. Items removed from the home included several mobile phones, three identification cards with different names, three credit cards with different names, as well as syringes and silicone.

Windslowe is transgender also known  as “Black Madam”, describes herself as a hip hop diva and claims she is the head of a lucrative ‘adult services company’. She is being sought by police.  Ironically one of her more recent tweet, posted on Monday,  reads: “Good Morning World… My Dam Fam… another day twards a Billion dollars in the life of BLACKMADAM… let’s go…”. It was posted the morning she administered the silicon shots into Claudia Aderotimi and her friend.

Scheffee Wilson – Claudia Aderotimi’s cousin who introduced her to the dodgy ‘doc’

It is thought that Claudia’s cousin an actress, Scheffee Wilson 30, who lives in New Jersey was the go between who arranged the introduction between the “back street doc” and Aderotimi.

Do you know Claudia Aderotimi or Padge Victoria Windslowe aka Black Madam?

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