Cyclist in Collision with Lorry in Dalston

Emergency service after the collision at Dalston Junction.

Police and ambulance service were called at 4:45 pm after a  male cyclist  collided with a lorry on Kingsland Rd.

He was rushed to an East London hospital, where he is said to be in a critical condition.

Witnesses said he was hit by a left turning lorry ending with his bike going under the lorry. A poster on a popular cyclist message board who claims to be his ‘mate’, has posted the following:

“Just got a call from my friend in Whitechapel hospital. It’s my mate xxx who was hit.

He has a fractured pelvis and punctured lung and is currently in intensive care. they have put him under and he’s going for a CT scan.

His housemate happened to be riding past and xxx had told police his name before he passed out and his housemate just happened to ask the policemen.

Did anyone see what happened?

baby blue steel fuji track”.

The man is still listed as critical according to a police spokesperson, this morning, 4 February. While there has not been an official request by police for witnesses, it appears some cyclists have called on the public to provide whatever information they may have.

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