Millfields Park North mugging warning from Police

Police are warning residents who use Millfields Park North especially at night time as a short cut, to be aware of their surroundings after a rash of muggings and attempted muggings, with threats of extreme violence.

Leabridge Safer Neighbourhoods Team are in the process of distributing leaflets all across North Hackney, informing residents and giving tips.

A police spokesperson said “the incidents were occurring during the earlier part of the evening, usually once it gets dark” but warn that people should be aware at all times especially in the dark.

News of the muggings began to surface online last week after a local blog, Millfields Park, posted a warning from a reader:

“I thought you might want to mention on your blog that a mugger seems to be targeting people cutting through the park at night from the bus stops on Lea Bridge Road and heading to Harry Zeital Way. My partner was mugged and threatened with being stabbed last night close to the new towpath, the Police seemed to suggest it wasn’t the first of late.”

Leabridge Safer Neighbourhoods Team website and contact.

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