Confusion over Millfields Park Muggings

Millfield Park at dark ©  Remi Makinde

I received an email from a press officer at Stoke Newington Police station this afternoon, who was concerned about a report on this site regarding recent muggings committed on people using Millfields Park as a short cut from Leabridge Road.

According to the press officer, Leabridge Safer Neighborhood Team denied “putting  out anything proactively about these incidents (leaflets etc) and have not made any comment about them”.

I tried to call the press office, but was only able to leave a message.

Later I received two emails. One from Cllr Ian Rathbone that was cc’d to various people and groups including Hackney Hive.

It read: “Thank you very much for your help David. I did wonder if it was just a hearsay episode as the police usually alert councillors to such problems. I think it is important that this correction goes out as the previous statement tends to blight the area and panic people unnecessarily”.

Goodness, Rathbone is more concerned about the area being blighted and doesn’t want people to panic over a series of recent attacks? I understand the Chatsworth Road area is going through major gentrification, but peoples safety must come first. Besides, with social media, blogging and citizen journalism,  people know about these things before the various police press offices, let alone councillors.

The email he sent was in response to a David White,  a member of Millfield Park User Group who had contacted Sgt Mark Wrathall of Leabridge SNT, who responded with the following :


We haven’t issued any warnings regarding the park. We also have not distributed any leaflets in relation to robbery offences in any specific area. The only other crime prevention leaflets distributed at this time are those such as home safety guides, Immobilise cards etc. which are available at our advertised police surgeries where members of the team are available to local residents and other community members. Advice and leaflets available would include advice around personal property etc. and includes basic crime prevention advice.

Hope this answers and questions you have

While it may not have been an ‘official’ police released statement, it came out of the mouth of a male officer at Leabridge SNT, on Sunday morning 12 December. The officer was very pleasant and forthcoming and it did cross my mind that he could have been a rooky, as in incidents like this, the police are usually a little more guarded about what they say.

A few months ago Hackney Hive reported on a rash of  ‘bike jackings’ in the De Beauvoir area. Again I spoke to someone at the SNT for that ward who confirmed, what had not being reported publicly but was being talked about by cyclists on a cycling forum.

Something tells me he too may have said too much and should have relied on an official press release. Ooops!

Something tells me folks would prefer to know when there is danger, sooner than later.

If you are still confused, go back to the beginning and read again …….

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2 Responses to "Confusion over Millfields Park Muggings"

  1. My flatmate and my neighbour were both mugged as separate incidents in the last few days, coming down Lea Bridge Road towards the park going onto Harry Zeitel Way. Be on your guard, one very early evening and one in the early hours.

    Comment by E5neighbour on 20/12/2010 at 4:12 pm

  2. Hey E5 neighbour, sorry to hear of your friends incidents. Can you please email us with any details of the attack. No need for names. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any warnings released about what is going on in the area.


    Comment by Hackney Hive on 28/12/2010 at 8:19 am

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