Review: Where can you find Chicago-style pizza in London ? Su Sazzagoni

Sardinia in the heart of South Hackney

After a strenuous search, I thought the answer was nowhere, until I contacted my local Italian restaurant, Su Sazzagoni, and asked them if they could make this for my husband’s birthday.

Not only was Chicago-style deep dish not on their menu, the chef had never heard of it.  So, we exchanged several emails and recipes until we found the perfect combination.  The chef graciously agreed to make us our personal deep dish pizzas for the big night, along with a few other courses of delicious specials.  The 30th rolled around and we had the best evening…no menu, just course after course of great food, wine and service, topped off with la piece de resistance, the deep dish pizza.  The chef had taken the liberty of adding a Sardinian twist to it, which made it one of the best deep dishes I have ever had.

I can’t say enough great things about this restaurant other than if you eat here, you are guaranteed authentic, delicious food and great service.  The excursion is well worth every penny.

Su Sazzagoni’s website

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Is originally from Texas and relocated to the UK by way of Chicago. She lives in South Hackney with her adorable husband and 2 equally adorable dogs, Lucky and Willy.


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