Win a night out at Texas Embassy Cantina

Competition is now closed and winner notified. Thanks to all that entered and stay tuned for more.

Do you like Tex Mex food?  The biggest tastiest steaks? Quality premium Tequila? American and Mexican beers? Vegetarian? No fear…you’re covered too!

Texas Embassy Cantina has been serving up Texas sized hearty meals and amazing cocktails for the past 15 years, from it’s location on Cockspur Street near Trafalgar Square.

If you’ve only had Jose Cuevo or other run of the mill tequila, here’s your chance to try some quality premium stuff like Patron, Anejo or Don Eduardo as shots or in a Margarita.

To help launch the forum, Hackney Hive will send you and a friend or friends, for a kick ass time at the Texas Embassy Cantina. Your bill of up to a £100 will be covered!

Take it from this a long time resident of Texas, it may not be Texas, but the closest you’ll get to Texas and the South West of America in the UK.

To win all you have to do is register on the forum send an email with your user name and stating why you believe you should be the chosen one.

It can be funny, sad, pathetic or obscene   send email to:


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