Library to keep the CLR James name

CLR James at home in Brixton circa 1988. Photo: CLR James Institute

Hackney Council just released this statement regarding the naming of the new library in Dalston:

Up until now Hackney Council has been focusing on the design of the brand new £4.4 million library and archives in Dalston. As part of this process the building was given a new name – Dalston Library and Archives.

Cllr Jonathan McShane explained: “Hackney Council is committed to making sure we listen to residents and community groups. After looking at the name again, and speaking with *BEMA and Selma James, we’ve agreed to consult interested groups. We are now suggesting the brand new library be called Dalston CLR James Library  and that the archives be called Hackney Archives. We look forward to finalising the new names very soon.”

The Council will consult the Library User Consultative Forum and Friends of Hackney Archives on the  proposals over the next few days

As part of the new library, Hackney Council had already planned to include a permanent exhibition to chronicle the life and works of C.L.R. James  and  an annual event in his memory. The council will continue to work with *BEMA – Black Ethnic Minority Arts Group to achieve this.

The library and archive in Dalston will be a brand newly built facility, not located on the same site as the current CLR James library. It will bring together a new library with the borough’s archive and local history service.

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