Stoke Newington teen murder was revenge

Michael McCarthy

A court last week heard that Michael McCarthy was stabbed and run over, in retaliation for his part in a drug connected kidnapping and torture of a rival drug dealer.

McCarthy was killed as he walked his dog just before 11 pm on Yoakley Road last November, when a Fiat Punto  pulled up with two men in it, believed to be Mustafa Demirtas of Clerkenwell and Julian Edwards of Highbury, both 21 yrs.

The Old Baily heard from the prosecution he was stabbed in his heart and head before the men got back into the car, drove over him and then took off.  One witness has claimed seeing one of the men, Mustufa Demirtas,  get out and confront McCarthy while a second man identified as Julian Edwards stabbed him. He was stabbed a total of five times.

The prosecution claim the 19 year old father of two, kidnapped rival drug dealer Christopher Ward, an ‘associate’ of Julian Edwards six weeks earlier.  Ward was taken to McCarthy’s flat in Lister Court, Yoakley Road in Stoke Newington, where he was attacked and questioned about the whereabouts of Julian Edwards. He was hospitalized for four days after his ordeal.

Both men deny the killing.  Edwards claims he was at home at the time of the murder and Demirtas addmitted driving the car but claims he was not aware anyone would be killed.

The trial continues.

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