Have your say on how sex establishments in Hackney are licensed

Hackney Council’s licensing committee is inviting residents to help shape the borough’s town centres by taking part in a public consultation looking at the way sex establishments are licensed.

The licensing committee is responsible for regulating sex shops, sex cinemas and sex entertainment venues, such as lap-dancing clubs and erotic dancing venues, and has drafted a new policy to determine whether and how to grant sex establishment licences in Hackney.

Within the policy document a ‘nil’ policy is being proposed, which would mean that no licences will normally be granted to sex establishments in Hackney, and the licensing committee wants to know whether local people think this is appropriate.

Hackney currently has one licensed sex shop and four premises that are “licensed to provide live performances or displays of nudity solely or mainly to sexually stimulate audience members”.

The licensing committee wants to hear from all Hackney residents and is particularly keen to find out the views and experiences of those who live, work or run a business near to one of the current sex establishments. Residents’ views will help the committee determine a policy based on local knowledge about the impact of sex establishments on the local community, which may, for example, include concerns about noise and anti-social behaviour or their effect on local businesses.

The draft Sex Establishment Licensing Policy will guide the licensing committee when considering applications for licences in balancing the conflicting needs of commercial interests, patrons, employees, residents and communities.

Cllr Chris Kennedy, Chair of the Licensing Committee, said: “The Licensing Committee is proposing a ‘nil’ policy on licensed sex establishments as we do not believe they fit with the character of our town centres and neighbourhoods.  The council would like to hear from residents and businesses about how the current sex establishments affect their areas and whether they think the proposed approach is appropriate for our borough.”

According to Hackney council, there has been significant opposition from Hackney residents in the past to the opening of sex establishments, on the grounds of public nuisance, police objections and residents’ objections.

For more information:

www.hackney.gov.uk/licensing or call or e-mail the Hackney Council’s licensing team on: 020 8356 2431 or: licensing@hackney.gov.uk

Do you live or work near any adult establishments in Hackney or close to?  Hackney Hive would like to hear from you.  Please contact us

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