White Middle class kids don’t get shot in Hackney

Well according to Journalist and blogger Dave Hill, they don’t.

Agnes Sina-Inakoju was a bright promising student shot, as she stood in line at a fast food restaurant in Hoxton

I wouldn’t call myself a big fan of Dave Hill, but I occasionally read some of what he has to say.  Hill writes for the Guardian.  Actually he blogs daily in his London blog about London politics, doggedly keeping a close eye on Boris Johnson with running commentary about Boris’s every move.

A Hackney resident, he lives just up the road in Clapton, he also authors Dave Hill’s Hackney Diary, however Dave disappointed me last night when I heard him refer to his children on talk radio station LBC, as “not the sort of kids who get shot”.

He was taking part in a discussion on a show hosted by conservative blogger – turn locum radio presenter, Iain Dale, along with Oona King and Ken Livingston. The question of gang violence came up, with both King and Livingstone (mayoral hopefuls) giving their tuppence about how they would tackle it if elected Mayor of London.

I wonder if Dave Hill would like to meet and repeat that to Jahmal Mason Blair’s family or Agnes Sina-Inakoju’s grief stricken mother, who is still struggling to deal with her 16 year old daughters sensless murder last April.  A promising student at Haggerston School, who was expected to receive A’s in all her GCSE’s.  She was very active in school extracurricular activities, as well as organising various events and programs at the Crib Youth Centre.  Agnes was shot while waiting to be served at a Hoxton fast food restaurant.

She was a good girl, with ambitions which everyone who knew her, expected her to fulfil. Unfortunately she took a bullet in her neck that was meant for someone else.

Agnes was Black and lived on a council estate.  And I’m assuming Hill doesn’t think this sort or random violence can touch his family.  Listen, it’s called ‘random’ for a reason.  Agnes’s family didn’t think a random shooting would ever devastate their lives either. I was unable to reach Agnes’s mother today for a comment, but will attempt to speak to her or another family member soon.

Hill has 6 children ranging from their 20’s to school age who have attended Hackney schools.  I assume they only venture out of the house in an amoured vehicle.

The show was a debate between Oona King and Ken Livingston, so Hill’s response didn’t make a ripple amongst the host and fellow guests . Of course Dave Hill isn’t running for any political office.  Was I surprised? Not one bit. For as much as the cool hipsters, trustafarians and chattering classes of Hackney like to throw the word ‘diverse’ around, some wouldn’t know it, if it hit them in the face. It’s a trendy word, fashionable for the moment.

A good example of the indifference and disconnect is best explained by  Hackney Blogger John Eden, who commented a few months ago, after the accidental shooting of a young white man in London Fields Park.

Jonathan Richards, LBC’s News Programme Director tells me there will be a free podcast of the show (11th August).  website.

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3 Responses to "White Middle class kids don’t get shot in Hackney"

  1. Time to weigh in on this. To be more precise, Dave Hill said this and more, right after Barry Mizen (Jimmy Mizens father) asked a law and order question.

    Oona and Ken gave the usual politicians response and Hills response was that when a teenager gets stabbed in Hackney it doesn’t affect him. Would you expect anything else from him? He’s too busy chasing Boris.

    Comment by Lapsed Agnostic on 18/08/2010 at 5:53 pm

  2. I heard that part of the conversation while trying to parallel park, but was able to listen to the whole debate again on Monday, once it was available on podcast and this is exactly what Dave said:

    “When a teenager gets stabbed near me, it doesn’t affect me directly, it doesn’t put my children in danger, as they are not the sort of children to get stabbed, but it really is unsettling in a neighbourhood.”

    Hey, I could say the same thing too as I don’t have children living in Hackney, but every time there is an incident I am very concerned and it affects me. Trouble is after a while, people become apathetic and think it’s someone elses problem and who can blame them? Let’s be honest the black community as a whole could be doing a lot more.

    Comment by R Makinde on 19/08/2010 at 9:20 am

  3. Shocking !, we all lose out when a young life is taken in Hackney.

    Comment by algreen on 12/11/2010 at 2:32 pm

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