A Nigerian Carnival: 7 – 8 August Finsbury Park


Just as I began getting excited about the The Festival of Yoruba Arts,  I find out there is another festival in Hackneys summer cultural calender, this time in Finsbury Park.

The Nigerian Carnival is a celebration of all things Nigerian and an occasion for all the  indigenous groups that make up this burgeoning vibrant West African country, to get together and celebrate.

Kashif Jones-Laguda, one of the organizers told Hackney Hive: “There will be something for everyone, including children in our kids zone. Face painting, interactive games with a Nigerian theme, bouncy castles, arts and crafts.

“Our intention during the Nigerian Carnival is to create awareness and enlighten our children to the vast and rich Nigerian culture and the immense resources available to them, through the medium of entertainment. This will be conveyed in a fun and interactive manner, which should be thoroughly enjoyed.”

Their aim:

  • To promote and preserve Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.
  • To bridge the cultural gap between the several generations of Nigerians living in the UK. We aim to educate British-born Nigerians who may not have had the opportunity to learn about Nigeria’s culture and traditions on a first-hand basis.
  • To foster community cohesion by bringing people together to explore, enjoy and celebrate a unique and distinctive Nigerian way of life.
  • To promote inter-racial tolerance and harmony by bringing together the different ethnic mix of people living in the Greater London Boroughs and those expected to attend the Nigerian Carnival 2010 event from all around the UK and the world. In effect, through this event, we aim to correct the general misconceptions about Nigeria and indeed, Nigerians.

The Carnival began in 2007 but, but took time out to regroup  and is back with a bang this year, with O2 as one of their sponsors. It will showcase 33 artists and DJs hosted by Jazzie Phizle from 10am to 6pm.

Find out more about The Nigerian Carnival UK website

Date: 7-8 August 2010

Time: 10am – 6pm

Venue: Finsbury Park, N4 2QN

Win dinner for two at Eko Nigerian Restaurant in Homerton, Hackney

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