Water and music merge at London Fields Lido

Wet Sounds 2009 at London Fields Lido

Summer fun at London Fields continues this Saturday, 10 July, when swimming and music will merge together in Hackney at Wet Sounds 2010, a one-off, underwater sound event at London Fields Lido.

Wet Sounds by Newtoy is curated by Joel Cahen and supported by Hackney Council’s Cultural Development Team. It is a mobile gallery for sound art from work submitted by artists worldwide.

The work is exhibited at swimming pools nationwide and internationally. A special, one-off, event will be held in Hackney which contributes to CREATE10 as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

To celebrate the event, local people are invited to experience the collection of especially made sound art for free, after they have paid the normal pool entry fee.

The audience will be able to float or dive through water immersed in sound that is clear, detailed and intimate.

The session will include deep listening meditative sounds from a Tibetan bowl spiral played by Frank Perry; roaring urban shanties sung in acapella by 11 shipwrecked sailors; experimental percussion; and abstract sound collages of various music and soundscapes.

Wet Sounds 2009 at London Fields Lido (Joel Cahen)

Joel Cahen said: “The public will dive into a sonic world created by musicians live above the water.”

Wet Sounds is at London Fields Lido, London Fields Westside, E8 3EU, from 2 to 5pm.

For more information or travel directions call: 020 7254 9038 or visit: www.gll.org

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