Three Sentenced To Life For Eddie Thompson Murder As Judge is Given Standing Ovation

Eddie Thompson who gunmen mistook him for their intended target

Three men were sentenced to life in prison yesterday, at the Old Bailey over the killing of father of three, Edward ‘Eddie’ Thompson on 6 September 2009. All must serve a minimum of 27 years.

Judge Peter Rook was given a standing ovation as he sentenced the teenagers, by family and friends of Eddie Thompson who shouted “Thank you, judge” as they clapped.

Judge Rook told them they had “devastated” the lives of Mr Thompson’s three sons, his partner and his mother.

The judge added: “You are part of the gun culture which has blighted some of our cities.”

The trial heard that Mr Thompson had been sitting in the front passenger seat of the Golf that was stationary in traffic, outside 70 Amhurst Road, at the junction with Marcon Place, last September, while the “intended target” for the hit, Arman Suleyman, sat in the back.

Mr Suleyman was going to get into the front seat but let Mr Thompson sit there as he was bigger.

Kallum Morris, 19, of Hackney, recruited Paul Stoby, 18, of Hackney, and Kieron Lawrence, 19, of Walthamstow, to carry out the shooting, were all convicted earlier this month.

Stoby and Lawrence walked alongside and approached the open passenger window, firing a shot into the car before running off towards Pembury Junction and the Pembury Estate. Thompson, of Kingsland Road, Hackney, was driven by his friends to hospital where he later died.

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