Botched Suicide Attempt In Stoke Newington

A 44 year old mans attempt to hang himself in Stoke Newington,  early on Sunday morning, left him with multiple injuries instead.

He is believed to have suffered  broken ankles and spinal injuries after falling, 30 feet from a tree he had climbed up, at the West Reservoir in Stoke Newington.

Emergency staff say the rope he tried to hang himself with, snapped, when he attempted to throw himself from the branch.

In extreme pain, he managed to call 999 on his mobile phone to alert athorities of his whereabouts and prediciment.

At 7:05am Police, Fire and Ambulance services located him at Spring Park Drive, Stoke Newington, at the foot of a tree with a rope still around his neck, and another piece attached to the branch overhead.

Ambulance service have confirmed they transported an injured man suffering multiple injuries, to the Royal London Hospital, but would not comment on how the injuries were sustained.

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