Mother of Fox Attack Twins, Speak of Her Horror

Lola and Isabella Kouparris - Isabella to the left is gazing into the camera.

The mother of Isabella and Lola, the South Hackney twins mauled by a fox while they slept in their cots, has described finding them covered in blood as  “like something out of a horror movie”.

Pauline and her husband Nick Koupparris, were watching TV downstairs and had left the patio door open, on what was a very warm Saturday evening.

Pauline Kouparris 40, said she heard “a funny cry… it was quite muffled but very pained. I went into the room and saw some blood on Isabella’s cot.

“I thought she had a nose bleed. I put on the light. I saw the fox and it wasn’t even scared of me. It just looked me directly in the eye.

“I started screaming when I realised Lola was also covered in blood.”

“I thought she had a nose bleed. I put on the light. I saw the fox and it wasn’t even scared of me. It just looked me directly in the eye.

At first the fox appeared unperturbed and made no effort to run off. Her husband Nick Kouparris had to aim at it with a cushion a number of times, eventually chasing it off with a piece of wood.  Even then it just moved a few times, until it finally left, running down the stairs.

Pauline told the BBC Isabellas injuries, “look dreadful”.

She said: “One side of her face is beautiful, the other looks like something from a horror movie. It’s shocking.” she said Lola was now “laughing and smiling” after big brother Max saw her in hospital.

She went on to describe how they may have sustained some of their injuries: “Isabella always sleeps on her tummy so her arm was very, very badly damaged. Lola lies on her back and her injuries are facial. At first I thought she’d lost her eye and she has quite a lot of puncture marks on her arm where the fox tried to snatch her up.”

Isabella has since been transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Like most urban areas, foxes are part of Hackney life, even darting through the streets in broad day light. They can be spotted on top of residents garden sheds and even create dens within gardens.

Residents around Lauriston Road where the Koupparris’s live, have mentioned hearing blood curdling screams that break the nights silence.  This could explain what appears to be more missing cat posters showing up all over the borough and appeals on local web sites for moggy’s that seemingly vanish.

Hackney Council has responded to anxious residents by sending them leaflets, advising them to keep their small pets indoors, so they are not caught in traps, that have been left in gardens of homes, on Lauriston Road.

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