Maybe it’s time Diane Abbott fesses up and shut her detractors up

Diane Abbott at her son, James Christening

I believe if Diane Abbott would just admit, that maybe some of the socialist ideology of her earlier years is no longer her creed, she would get a pass from even some of her most fervent detractors.

The North Hackney and Stoke Newington MPs latest gaff, has brought out the usual suspects, yet I will defend her right to give her ‘black son’ the best education and advantage in life, even if it means going against the grain.  Somethings in life are worth the sacrifice, condemnation of people and even a career.  So far,  her constituents have have stood by her.

Once I got over her hypocrisy, (which for me happened in a flash – she is a politician after all),  it was quite easy to see her point of view.

So apathetic have I been, that I have come to except nothing less than hypocrisy from politicians.  I voted for the first time in two decades last month. That’s how disillusioned I have been. Which is why unlike the vultures circling around her, I’m not about to get my panties in a twist over her utterance about West Indian mums.

Not the best reason she could have come up with, but get over it people, there were no racist connotations in what she said, and you all damn well know what she meant.

Black parents and especially black single mothers in the inner cities have that much more to worry about and fight for. She lives in Hackney and knows the drill.

It’s young black boys and men being killed on a weekly basis, it’s black boys getting caught up in the gangsta culture, black boys killing each other, black boys failing in schools, black boys whom teachers have low expectations of,  Black boys and men who are singled out by the police and treated as criminals. Blacks,  disproportionately represented in prisons.

However, let’s not forget the people who some times  let black boys down the most – black parents and the extended family as a whole (but that’s a whole other discussion).  Abbott wasn’t about to make that mistake and I salute her for it.

The vultures have come out in force, from two bit unknown bloggers, to  racist bigot journalist, in mainstream media like Douglas Murray, who opined in the Telegraph, stating: “For years people like Abbott, who have built their careers on the simple chance of their skin pigmentation, have flung around accusations of “racism” while making the most outrageously racist comments themselves.”

Correction Dougie boy, ‘people like’ Diane Abbott and the late Bernie Grant built their careers representing the marginalised and under-represented, from bigots like you. They were the voices we desperately needed at a crucial period in race relations history in this country.

Along with phrases such as ‘chip on a shoulder’, Murray like a lot of other misguided white people, love nothing better than to sling around the word ‘racist’, when describing straight talking black people.

Let’s get something straight, Blacks can not be racist because their mistrust or hatred for whites, is not rooted in a belief that whites are inferior or inhuman, which is how a true racist feels.

Besides, Ms Abbott is an equal opportunity bungler, who has ticked off the Finns and the Nigerians.

What Diane Abbott needs to do, is  to get off that sofa and stop grinning and jigging with with the two clowns and start ‘working it’ to become the first black person to lead a major British political party.  Surely, the slap down she received from Andrew Neil, for being an uppity black woman, says it all.

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2 Responses to "Maybe it’s time Diane Abbott fesses up and shut her detractors up"

  1. Hopefully I’m only in the two bit vulture blogger category – not the racist one – but It’s been difficult to ignore the comments of the borough’s most high profile politician. She’s managed to combine two difficult subjects that clearly interest lots of people for different reasons. It was an odd thing to do considering she’s still uncomfortable with the school issue. Adding racial element to the dying embers of this story was like pouring petrol on it. So I’d have thought that, for people trying to assess the judgement of their local politician, or the potential leader of their party, the main question would be how she could still be so ill prepared for the most obvious question? She’s had since 2003 to come up with an answer.

    Comment by bloodandproperty on 29/06/2010 at 6:23 pm

  2. No, the two bit’s I referred to, were from very extreme right wing blogs on par with stormfront.

    I’m afraid Abbott’s foot is firmly in her mouth again…on the other hand I look at it this way, Dubya served two terms, with both his feet planted in his mouth…there is hope for Ms Diane.

    Comment by R Makinde on 30/06/2010 at 3:22 pm

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