Baby Dies At Homerton Hospital After Fatal Drug Dose

Benjamin Stuchursky and Anna Holzscheiter with baby Lucas

An inquest heard on Wednesday, that 7 month old Lucas Stachursky died, because he was given 12 times the correct amount of anti-epileptic drug Phenytoin, he should have received in 24 hours. Lucas was taken to Homerton hospital by ambulance on May 16 after his parents, Benjamin Stuchursky and Anna Holzscheiter found him convulsing at their home in Upper Clapton. He had been earlier diagnosed earlier in the year with Sturge-Weber Syndrome, a rare brain abnormality which often triggers epilepsy. A statement from Homerton Hospital said: ‘The medical and nursing staff involved were relieved of their responsibility for prescribing and administering drugs pending investigation.’ Coroner for St Pancras and Poplar, Dr Andrew Reid, said in the inquest on Wednesday that doctors’ neglect was a contributory factor in his death. Anna Holzscheiter, 33, who was on a post doctoral medical research grant in London, said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph: ‘I can comprehend that human errors happen because he or she is overworked but it is beyond my capacity of understanding what has happened in this case – particularly the failure of the doctors to admit where limits were and to admit that they weren’t competent enough to deal with the tasks they were given. The medical staff involved in his care, have been suspended from prescribing medicine and could face disciplinary action. After Lucas’s death, the senior registrar was forced to take two prescribing tests but failed both. In a channel 4 news interview Mr Stachursky said: ‘We were sitting behind a curtain and could hear the doctors at work and at some point we realised that no one was speaking any longer. ‘Then after a while the consultant just came to talk to us and told us that there were serious problems with Lucas’ heart rate and they were trying their best to stabilise him but that there was a probability that he wouldn’t make it. ‘That they had just realised that he had been given a massive overdose of Phenytoin and that this was a very serious issue because it is a drug which can’t be taken out of the system or stopped.’ ‘You remember every single detail,’ Lucas’ mother said, ‘and you would rather prefer to erase it from your memory. ‘We were completely speechless. We were continuously told that he was in a critical condition but that they had everything under control and they were just following protocol, and that he would be taken to an intensive care unit in a different hospital. ‘We were just so shocked to hear that. It was basically at a time when Lucas was just dying, or they were trying to reanimate him and get his heart going again, but it was actually at a time when the whole process was irreversible,’ she added. Both Anna Holzscheiter and her partner Benjamin Stachursky, have returned to their native Germany for the birth of their second child, as they say, they do not trust the NHS. Earlier this year, another Hackney couple’s 3 day old daughter died.  Anne Willicombe and her husband Roberto Figus, are accusing Homerton hospital of failing to monitor the baby – Sophia in the womb and follow correct safety procedures, which should have been put in place, after being given a drug widely used in abortion clinics, to bring on contractions. Ms Willicombe was 12 days overdue at the time she was given the drug. The drug Misoprostol, is widely used in abortion clinics – to bring on contractions.

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  1. Not another death of a child at Homerton Hospital. I wonder if most of the staff in attendance that day, were brought in from other countries?

    Comment by Odette on 26/06/2010 at 12:32 pm

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