Police Appeal For Witnesses At London Fields Shooting

Friends comforting the shooting victim

Following the shooting of an innocent bystander last Saturday May 22, officer’s investigating are appealing for witnesses to contact them.

It’s now known the shots were fired outside the park and one of the bullets entered the park and hit the victim.

DS Steve Desmond from Trident said: “We need to hear from witnesses who may have seen people armed with weapons. Anyone with information are asked to call Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.

The victim was taken to an East London Hospital suffering from gun shot wound to the stomach.  At the time the wounds were considered life threatening, however he is now said to be in serious but stable condition.

Chief Superintendent Steve Bending, Hackney’s Borough Commander, said: “London Fields was packed with thousands of people on Saturday afternoon, many attending a festival and many more simply out with family and friends to enjoy the weather.

“This was a callous, reckless and brazen act, without any thought by those responsible, for the fact that they were in a crowded park. This was quite simply, appalling.

He added, “The incident is being investigated by officers from Operation Trident.

“I know there were many witnesses to this incident and I would ask that if you witnessed the actual incident, or the events beforehand or have still or video footage that would assist, that you contact the investigation team via Crimestoppers.

“In the last three weeks, officers from Hackney Borough have undertaken an intensive operation targeting gang related violence.

“This operation has so far resulted in 125 arrests for offences including firearms possession, GBH, drugs supply and robbery. Three firearms have been recovered including a Mac10, there have been over 2,000 stops and the execution of 17 search warrants.

“Whilst strong enforcement activity does not provide a long-term solution, it does bring to justice those who choose to commit gang-related violence. The operation will continue and now intensify.”

Hackney Police operates in four main areas to tackle serious youth violence – prevention, reassurance, enforcement and intelligence.

A Hackney Hive report,  about  youth violence, black on black crime, gangs,  gun crime, police operations, the effects, solutions and discussions with youth workers, civic leaders will be available soon.

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