Hackney’s Mayor’s Concern Over London Fields Shooting

London Fields shooting victim being transported by air ambulance medics

Following heated criticism, over what many have seen as a total disregard of peoples safety, at an out door event in London Fields organized by the council, Mayor Jules Pipe has since said: “I am deeply concerned about the shooting on Saturday and my thoughts are with the injured man and his family at this difficult time.

“The Council continues to work closely with the Police to try to disrupt gang activity in Hackney and to reduce violence in our borough. I appeal to anyone who has any information about this incident to speak to the police so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.”

In confronting what many saw  as Mayor Pipe’s earlier ‘cavalier’ comment on Saturday, right after the shooting, a Hackney Council spokesperson has said: “The Mayor’s statement was quoted out of context. It was originally given as a response to a question from a journalist asking about the general safety of the event for the public who attended, and included a witness appeal which was not included in all media reports. It was also given before any details about the nature of the shooting or its victim were available. We are of course deeply concerned for the welfare of the injured man and are in close contact with the police to get updates on his condition.

They added, “The Mayor and Hackney Council take gun and gang crime extremely seriously and are working hard with the police to support them both in the context of this incident and the wider context of controlling gang activity in Hackney. All public events are risk assessed in partnership with the police. While the incident took place some distance from the event, we will be looking into whether there are any further measures we could take to ensure visitors are as safe as possible.”

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4 Responses to "Hackney’s Mayor’s Concern Over London Fields Shooting"

  1. They can organise all the public events they want to, I am not going to any of them. Nice bit of backpedaling Pipes.

    Comment by Ahmed Musa on 25/05/2010 at 7:41 am

  2. “While the incident took place some distance from the event” ?!

    HELLO? It was in the middle of the park.

    Hackney Council spokeperson you need replacing with someone competent.

    Comment by Betty on 25/05/2010 at 12:09 pm

  3. Betty calm down dear, according to police, the shooting took place outside the park, with a stray bullet unfortunately flying into the park (as they do) .


    Comment by Charlie Boy on 26/05/2010 at 8:59 am

  4. Charlie Boy – i was there, the shots may have come from outside the park but the poor guy who was shot was in the park, surrounded by hundreds of picnicking people. Scary times.

    Comment by Hackneyperson on 26/05/2010 at 2:49 pm

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