Dalston Theatre Receives Award & Gets Funds Cut

All in the same week, a Hackney based Theatre company found it’s self being the recipient of a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme and amongst the first victims of the new coalition government spending cuts.

Founded in 2000 the Arcola, in Arcola Street,Dalston London E8, is regarded as one of the leading arts venues in the UK. Now, it has become a leading light in the campaign to reduce London’s carbon emissions by 60 per cent before 2025 by investing in series of innovations and and an ongoing project to educate visitors on sustainability.

“We are trying to become the world’s first carbon neutral theatre.” said Dr Ben Todd, Executive Director with the Arcola Theatre in London.

“We are in a very old dilapidated building so we’ve done lots of work in house. That’s involved changing our suppliers, turning things off and putting in some fairly advanced technology for demonstrations”.

However, the day before the award, The Arcola had a £146,000 of government funding scrapped, in an effort by the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Government, to reign in public spending.

In a statement released, the new minister in charge of the Department for International Development (DFID), Andrew Mitchell, said: “Today I send a clear signal: value for money will be our top priority for aid,”

“People want to see British aid money saving lives and educating children in the world’s poorest countries,” he said, adding that the Arcola Capoeira Dance Troupe and other cancelled projects were not giving taxpayers value for money.

The Capoeira performance group called Arcola Jinga, helped young people  forge links with communities in other countries and develop better global awareness.

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