Comedy Bin: East London’s Premier Laugh-in

The weekly rotating comedy club serves up another broad array of the finest up-and-coming acts. Catch them at 3 different venues near you.

Monday 10th May, 8pm (FREE)

2 White Church Lane, London E1 7QR


Iltaph Khaliq
Marie Connolly
Tim Roast
Paolo Ferrari
Mark Sephenson
Lee Best
Kevin B
Martyn Smith
Jake Tindle
David Mills
Yariv Perelmuter
Danny Hurst
Andrew Johnston
Antti Hakala
Jason Belne
Toby Vane
Andrew St. John
Adam Burke
Neil McKeowne
Danny Hurst
Oliver Bettesworth

Gwilum Argos

Wednesday 12th May, 8pm (FREE)

Anatolia Bar
253 Mare Street, London E8 3NS


Peter Teckman
Paul Moynihan
Liam Reeve
Bianca Arlette
Dan Lees
Anna Freyberg
Darren Pomroy
Lee Heyler
Marilyn Muruako
Joe Hunter
Steve Aruni and Henry the Groover (hoover)
Peter Ely
Guy Manners
Al Cowie
Arhondia Rocca
Yariv Perelmuter
Daniel Hooper
Kurt Driver
Iain Lee
Danny Hurst
Gav Chapman
Danny Hurst

Robert Statham

stage managed by
Birtwistle & Brian Wren

Thursday 13th May, 8pm (FREE)
Anam Bar
3 Chapel Market, Islington, London, N1 9EZ

David Hickson
Angelica O’Reilly
Leo Kearse
Paul Laight
Samuel Ely
Stephen Coda
Josephine lacey
William Lee
Gemma Beagley
Rosie Martin
Kirsty Mac
David Baucutt
Peri Whyte
Hannah Warman
Laurence Landau
David Mills
Carl Wickham
Frankie Peoples
Gemma Whelan
Richard Stainbank



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