Two Arrested Over Agnes Sina-Inakoju Murder

Agnes Sina-Inakoju

Two men were arrested and taken into custody in connection with the death of Agnes Sina-Inakoju.

The two, a 21 year old man and a 16 year old teenager were taken into custody last night, Saturday 17 April and are being held at a North London police station for questioning.

Agnes who was a promising student, at Haggerston School and lived on the De Beauvoir Estate, was shot in the neck while waiting to be served with friends at Hoxton Chicken & Pizza just after 7:00 pm, Wednesday 14 April, when shots were fired from outside through the window. Two men were seen riding off on mountain bikes along Falkirk Road towards Kingsland Road.

She died a day later on Friday 17 April at an East London Hospital.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said officers were keeping an open mind about the reason for the shot being fired, but they have no reason to belive she was a gang member, but more likely the victim of a stray bullet.

The shooting is being dealt with by detectives from Operation Trident, the gun crime unit that investigates and inform communities of gun crimes in London’s Black community.

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