Stoke Newington Woman Awarded Comedy Award

Two years ago she picked up a mic for the first time after she took a seven week comedy course, so no one was more surprised to hear she had won a comedy award than Lorna Dwyer herself.

The 44 year old mum of 4, has worked as a beautician and chef and is currently a carer, who hopes she can add comedian to her CV, since she was named best newcomer comedian at the music and arts C.M.A. Awards 2010 on April 4.

“It was something that was bursting inside of me but I wanted to bring it out,” says Lorna who lives in Stoke Newington.

“I have no idea how I got nominated, someone must have spotted me. It is still a mystery” says Lorna who’s stage alter ego, Mz Diverse, draws on her every day personal and work experiences and life in Hackney.

“Mz Diverse comes from the background I have got – I have jumped around doing different things,” she said.

Comedy is notoriously hard to crack, harder if you are a woman, and even harder if you are 44 and Black, which is why Lorna Dwyer’s achievement is so significant.

“When I actually won the competition I was totally, totally shocked. It was great to be nominated, but to win – I was gobsmacked” said Lorna.

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