“Puppies” Found In Stoke Newington Are Fox Cubs

RSPCA workers were shocked when five tiny ‘puppies’ dumped in a plastic bag, turned out to be fox cubs.

A passer-by found the tiny quintet in a garden in Stoke Newington and rushed them to the RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital.

At first it was thought that the black bundles of fur were Staffordshire bull terrier puppies.

The reality, however, proved to be something slightly wilder – they are in fact fox cubs.

Just where their mother is and how they came to be dumped in a plastic bag remains a mystery.

One thing however is certain; if the cubs hadn’t been discovered when they were they would certainly have died.

RSPCA officer Greg Hagen added: “We are also worried about their mother as she could also be suffering.”

The little foxes – called Buddy, Bobby, Tony, Elliot and Lulu – are now being looked after by Lyn Vaughan at her home in Surrey.

The kind volunteer fosters injured and orphaned foxes for the Fox Project Charity and is a pro when it comes to feeding hungry cubs.

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