Alessandra of Surrey?

So Alessandra Williams a prospective independent parliamentary candidate for Hackney North & Stoke Newington, resides in leafy, stockbroker belt Reigate Surrey – nowhere close to East London and definitely not in Hackney.

While it’s not uncommon for prospective MPs to eye constituencies far from their homes, Hackney Hive, most visitors to this site and I, just assumed Ms Williams was a Hackney borough resident, just as the other prospective parliamentary candidates for the area are,  since she never mentioned anything.  Maybe Ms Williams was considered a marginal figure not worthy of any type of scrutiny or attention and looking back that very well may have been the case as I saw very little written about her.  The twit from the Raving Loony Party got more coverage locally

Unlike other Hackney focused news and information sites and blogs, Hackney Hive has decided not to remove the two pieces on Alessandra Williams, but instead have given her a chance to respond and tell why she as an ‘outsider’,  feels she is right to represent Hackney.

Nick Griffin lives in Wales, yet is standing in an area the BNP deem to be ripe, Dagenham & Barking.  Working class whites who feel disenfranchised in the borough don’t seem to be making a stink about that.

Stephen Twigg,  was only 29 when he famously snatched Michael Portillo’s previously safe Southgate seat in the 1997 election that swept Labour to power. Displaying the hallmarks of a career politician, he’s now running for a safe Labour seat in Merseyside.

Sally Bercow,  the wife of Tory MP John Bercow is running for a Labour seat and the only real scrutiny she got from the media was over youthful promiscuity, though not her fibbing.

Closer to home, Meg Hillier current MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch cut her teeth in Islington where she was a councillor before she became Mayor of Islington in 1998.  She still resides in Islington,  a short bus ride away from Hackney.

I’m surprised at the cold shoulder Ms Williams has  got from others,  partly based on her carpetbagging,  after all there are other prospective candidates here in Hackney  who have either politically crow-barred their way through from different parts of the country and the capital or have been parachuted  in, by their respective  political parties,  but are  received more favourably here in Hackney.  But hey, A  gals  got to start somewhere right?

Unlike the other independent parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, the grande dame  known for her bird nest hair,  totty high heel shoes and her smouldering off the shoulder lingerie photo on her twitter page, Ms Williams appear to be not getting that much coverage locally or nationally partly I feel  due to her lackluster campaign and lack of familiarity amongst locals.  There again might also be because folk just reckon Ms Diane will be back.

I hope Ms Williams does respond, as I feel she can draw on her career successes, and use it to qualify the changes she has pledged to bring to Hackney. Until then I feel just a wincy bitsy slightly uncomfortable with the knowledge that she could be just another carpetbagging opportunist building her political future on a community she doesn’t really care about.

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