Volunteers Needed To Help Create A Safer Hackney

Hackney Council and the Police are asking residents to take part in a project, where they will be helping to look into some of the problems related to anti-social behaviour in Hackney.

From now until 23 April, Hackney Council wants to find fifteen volunteers from across Hackney to support the community project, which has received £12,000 of funding from the Communities and Local Government.

Together with the Council and the Police, the Hackney volunteers will take part in ASB-related training, and deliver a local project that will help make a difference to residents in Hackney.

Steve Douglas, Hackney Council, Corporate Director Neighbourhoods & Regeneration said: “We’re looking for volunteers to get involved with a project that seeks to promote social responsibility and partnership working as a way of addressing problems caused by a minority of people whose anti-social behaviour can affect the rest of us disproportionately.

“Anti-social behaviour can leave people feeling alone and threatened. Working together could help provide us with community led solutions.”

For more information about the project, contact: Eva Gomez 0208 356 6733 or eva.gomez@hackney.gov.uk

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