Up Market Kiwi Coffee House Coming To Shoreditch

New Zealand roaster and coffee house Allpress Espresso, has been catering to discriminating coffee drinking Antipodeans for 23 years. Ten years ago they introduced their brand to Australians, opening shop in Sydney and Melbourne, where they are now well established and successful.

Late this summer they will be opening their first UK cafe in Shoreditch. Founder and owner Michael Allpress said the new, three-storey, 4500 square metre roastery and cafe in Shoreditch would be operational by August.

He goes on to say “the timing is now perfect for Allpress Espresso to give London coffee drinkers the chance to experience the very best in coffee. Kiwis and Australians have been telling us for years about the lack of ‘good coffee’ in London. We now feel ready to introduce the highest quality espresso to the biggest village in the world”.

Allpress Espresso Website

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