Ridley Road Market To Get £1million Makeover

Hackney Council has unveiled details today of a long overdue improvement scheme for one of East Londons beloved markets.

The project set to start at the end of April will be completed in November, with the market staying open through out, although some stalls will be moved around to accommodate work being done.

Cllr Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said:

“Ridley Road Market remains one of the best places to bag a fruit and veg bargain in Hackney, with quality foods from around the world, as well as fashions for sale.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to announce the Council is investing in improving the experience shoppers and business people will have as they move around the market. These improvements will be visible and create a better environment for everyone who uses the market.”

The improvements are based on wishes of traders, shoppers and residents made known during a two phase consultation carried out last year. Some of the improvements will include better, lightening, new electric power points for stalls, new signage, making it easier to find the market and cycle racks to make it easier to shop by bike.

Ridley Road Market History

Ridley Road Market has a history as varied and colourful as the goods on sale. Before the Regulation of Street Markets Act in 1927, stallholders would wait for a policeman to blow a whistle, then jostle for the best pitches. In the 1930s, opponents of fascism had regular fights with Nazi Blackshirts, who held meetings at the Kingsland Road end of what was then mainly a Jewish market.

Ridley Road survived the Blitz during the Second World War; a 1960s threat to build a motorway through it; and 1970s proposals for a railway station in the middle of the road. Today it mirrors Hackney’s diverse population with stalls full of Turkish, Jewish, Asian, African, Caribbean and local goods of all sorts, from exotic fruit and veg to clothes and household wares.

More information can be found on Hackney Councils Regeneration and Planning page. The new layout plan can be seen here

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