Remembering Shivon Watson

Shivon & Gus Pirelli

Shivon & Gus Pirelli

While cycling to work at a charity in Hackney, from her home in Bow, on the morning of Wednesay 10th March, 28 year old Shivon Watson and a skip lorry attempted to make a left turn as they reached the roundabout at the intersection of Victoria Park Road and Lauriston Road, in South Hackney.

Within moments Shivon was trapped between the lorry and railings. She was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The lorry driver was taken to hospital suffering from shock.

Shivon Watson

Shivon Watson

On Monday 29th March hundreds of her family and friends gathered at St Agnes Church in St. Paul’s, Bristol to celebrate her life and say a final good-bye. Her family wanting to lay her to rest in a manner she would have approved of, stated on the funeral announcement : “Please reflect Shiv’s light by wearing bright colours. Lycra & sequins is optional!”

She worked as a Team Administrator for Fairbridge in Hackney, a youth charity, where they remembered her for “her smile, her wacky dress sense, and her brilliant organisation”.

Shivon who had moved to London from Bristol last August to live with her boy friend, 29-year-old studio engineer Gus Pirellie was also known as Shiv Lizzy a rising star – a successful singer and fashion designer who had been short listed for the Gaymers Emerging Talent Award with the chance to perform at this year’s Camden Crawl festival in May.

It has been clear from the moment her death was announced that she was a very special person and had made an impact in the lives of people who knew her.

Friends who attended all agreed that they had never seen so many people at a funeral. One of them posted on a special Facebook tribute: “This may sound like a bizarre thing to say – but that was truely an amazing funeral. Very well organised and the attention to detail was really great, the fact that you had a video link, the decorations at the wake, the food and music – all really well done and very shiv! It was very moving to see so many people and to… have a real celebration of such an amazing woman. We danced the night away and it felt very cathartic”..

Another friend James Downton said in a message to Hackney Hive, “I was suprised that at the funeral they played about half an hours music that we played at Joe Publics in Bristol. I didnt even know those recordings existed”.

“It made the day turn from a very sad and tragic one, to a joyful one, sat there listening to the music that we made, and remembering how fun it was practising and performing with her. She was really charismatic on stage, and certainly the star- I was there as the backing”. He went on to say “The funeral yesterday was unbelievable- I have never seen so many people at a funeral, and there were such different ages and races. I really think Shivon is proof not to judge a book by the cover”.

He went on to tell me. “My fondest memory of us was playing at an open mic – Mr Wolfs in the centre of Bristol. It’s a cozy venue which goes on till quite late. One time we got on stage at about 1 o clock and played a few songs, but the song that I remember was a cover of James Taylor – You’ve got a friend. The whole place was swaying, with lighters out, and it just made me chuckle and think that together we made that happen”.

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