N16 Tweeter Alerted Of Home On Fire

File under things you can’t make up.

A Stoke Newington resident and avid tweeter, found out her flat was on fire just as she boarded a plane bound for Edinburgh last Friday.

The tweeterer, may have also have had a premonition when she tweeted just hours before that with so many girls (friends) rushing to catch 3 separate flights, something was bound to go wrong.

The observant person who tweeted had no idea the flat was home to one of his followers.

It’s believed the fire started in the bathroom extractor fan that caught fire a few days before and just smouldered over the days, until it caught alight and brought the roof down.

In the spirit of the Stoke Newington twittering community, the fire victim was given much needed Gin & Vodka and offered help.

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