Hackney To Get Over 100 New Social Housing Rental Homes

CONSTRUCTION work on over one hundred new homes for social renting will begin soon for three housing estates in Hackney.

The Council’s planning committee agreed proposals on 10 March to build 114 new homes for Ottaway Court and Rendlesham House, E5, and Bridport House, Colville Estate, N1.

It is all part of a wider programme to build new social rented homes on several Hackney estates, which has received £16million in Government funding through the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) since September last year.

The HCA funding is part of a new Government initiative allowing local authorities to build new homes for social rent for the first time in several decades.

Cllr Karen Alcock, Deputy Mayor of Hackney, said: “This is good news for residents, as the regeneration of our borough’s housing continues. Hackney Council is committed to providing 21st century homes for residents – we are among the top-performing London boroughs for affordable housing provision, with 800 new homes delivered last year.”

George McGee, Chair of the Six Estates Steering Group, said: “This is absolutely marvellous news – there is a real need for new social rented homes in Hackney, and the Council has been very successful in securing grant funding for this from the HCA.”

Construction work is set to begin soon, with tenants of Bridport House being re-housed, while sites at Ottaway Court and Rendlesham House are already cleared.

The Council has been working with residents to draw up a vision for the regeneration, including family homes with gardens and balconies, and open spaces.

Hackney is also participating in the Mayor of London’s pilot of Delegated Delivery, which aims to give local authorities greater responsibility to direct housing investment and delivery in their areas.

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