What Diane Abbott Did Next

Diane Abbott vile racism and misogyny daily.

Unlike some of her white female colleagues and other “feminists” who have gone all out to make martyrs of themselves, based on the online abuse they receive, Ms. Abbott has been silent for decades until now. She’s pretty much plodded on and got on with things, the way many of us do, because that’s what we do.

Being the social media enthusiast I am, the constant abuse and belittling directed at her, has not gone unnoticed, especially when comparing her to an Ape or Gorilla.  For these degenerate trolls, commenting about her politics or other relevant issues isn’t enough, so they aim to dehumanize her any which way they can. It’s vile and still continues as I type this.

But even she admits in her commentary, there are people who will be dismissive about her claims. And she’s correct. Therein lies the problem black women in general encounter, the problem of empathy or lack of. Black women are often seen as different and to be frank, we are not always seen as women. To be a woman is to be seen as deserving of protection, and black women are not always seen that way. We are seen as masculine, threatening, loud and brash.  Our assertiveness is viewed as aggression, violence and even insanity, which we are punished for.

Diane Abbott finally spoke up, giving us a glimpse of what she has to endure on a daily basis, yet there has been a deafening silence from many of her colleagues, notably one who has made herself a martyr from the online abuse she has also endured. Instead today, she chose to tweet something about “the gentrification of a popular confectionery.” A glimpse at what white privilege affords you.

Keep on truckin’ Diane Abbott.

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