Andrew Boff outraged by £24m overspend on Dalston bus interchange

London Assembly member Andrew Boff

At mayors Question Time on Wednesday 9th June, London Assembly member, Andrew Boff will challenge Mayor Boris Johnson on why a transport project in east London budgeted at £39million will now cost £63m.

The bus interchange, to be built over the top of the new East London Line Dalston Junction station will now cost £24m more than originally planned and instead of operating as an interchange, has been reduced to the status of a stop on the No. 488 route.

Commenting, Mr Boff, who was a candidate for Hackney mayor in last months elections, said:  “Sixty three million pounds is a sickening amount of money to provide a stop served by one bus route. Residents of Hackney deserve answers as to why vast amounts of public money will result in such tiny benefit.

Allowing a £24million cost overrun is a disgraceful spiralling of cost.”

Mr Boff will be revealing that the cost of the slab has overrun enormously.  The LDA anticipates that the final cost for the slab will be £62.9million – this figure is contained in LDA Investment Committee Papers from September 2009: Within this document point 2.11 and point 4.5 refer to the enormous cost overruns.   It is TfL that will be footing the majority of the cost of the overrun – they will have to find an extra £21.8m (see point 2.11 in the document.)

The total cost of regenerating Dalston Junction is £153million. Click link to see document.

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